Hello friends,

First let me say thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Time is a commodity we can never get back. So, I sincerely thank you for choosing to spend your time on reading my little thought bubbles. Ever since I was a little girl I often found myself lost in daydreams, curious about what life had to offer. Many nights were spent looking at the stars wondering what it might feel like to hold such a light. As I got older, my mind wandered off to more existential questions pertaining to my role in the grand scheme of life. I have always spent more time in my head than I have in reality. Don’t let that fool you though, I am so captivated by this whole life thing. Somewhere in between painted pink sunsets and ocean tides that never get tired of kissing the shoreline, I fell in love with this beautiful little life. But I am also still learning to accept that sunsets don’t last. Life gets rough. And Eventually it rains. Days, sometimes even weeks, our skies turn painfully grey. When you find yourself engulfed in dreary clouds, it is so hard to remind yourself that the sky is still blue. But we all must endure grey skies, for it is the only way to remind our skin just how much it loves the warmth of the sun.

It is not always easy, and more often than not, we find ourselves at crossroads with no answer in plain sight. We are all students learning from the teacher that is life. It is our responsibility to ourselves to learn as much as we can. To constantly seek change and realize we can have so much more than complacency. My intention with this blog is to speak to the heart of others. To offer genuine advice from my own lessons learned. I will never claim to know all of life’s answers. In fact, I believe I still have so much to learn. But with each passing day I am discovering parts of the woman I was always destined to be. I am learning how to blossom as a daisy in a field full of thorns. Life can be rough, but you do not stand alone. You are allowed to feel lost in life, because at some point we all were. But just like all of us, you too will find yourself. Let the journey of self discovery be a beautiful one, because it truly can be if you let it.

This blog is for the people who strive to be better. To the ones who do not always have it figured out. To the people who think too much. The people who feel too much. Who lead their life with curious hearts. To the brave souls who continue to love fiercely despite past hurt. I admire you, and I stand with you. 

Let us always embrace all that this life gives us. May we never stop choosing to persevere farther down the road of self betterment. If we do chose to stop, may it only ever be to smell the flowers, or help another along the way. 

xoxo ,


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