A New Chapter

    Twenty-one was a transformative year for me. I received a degree. I jumped out of a plane. I was honored a partial academic scholarship. I traveled to five different countries. I discovered a new life purpose through writing. I took another step closer into my becoming. Above all; I learned. I grew. Not every experience was easy. Some lessons came with a lot of hurt and confusion, but all lessons ended in a beautiful realization of self. Who I am. Who I want to be. Who I don’t want to be. I want to share what the teacher of 21 taught me, in hopes you may take away a thing or two. Or at the very least, relate to my lessons with your own. May this post serve as a reminder that even our toughest lessons can be turned into something good. So friends, without any further ado, here are 21 things I have learned from my chapter 21.

1.) Do not be afraid to embrace your creative mind. Not everyone will understand the complex mind of a creative, but that is okay. The world needs the creative mind just as it needs the math and science mind.

2.) To hold a grudge is to willingly chain ourselves to our past. We only hurt & imprison our own self. Let go of what no longer serves you. In return, you will be freed.

3.) How others treat you is a reflection of them. Not a reflection of you.

4.) There are few things in life more comforting than a parents embrace. There is no heartbreak that can not be mended by sharing a laugh with a good friend.

5.) Don’t be complacent; explore the world. Push yourself outside your comfort zone. Never stop being curious. This is how we truly live.

6.) Be proud of your accomplishments; but always strive to be better. We can always be a better version of ourself.

7.) Fight for who and what you love. It may not  always work out, but it will always save you from the burden of regret.

8.) Your self worth comes from within. It does not stem from another’s inability to see it.

9.) Gratitude for what you currently have is the key to happiness. Take a moment each day to remind yourself one thing you are grateful for; family, friends, pets, lovers, children, employment, or health. We are all so incredibly fortunate.

10.) Let your empathy and love for others always be bigger than your ego.

11.) Education is the best gift you can give yourself.

12.) Do not let others convince you your sensitivity is a bad thing. People with sensitive natures are often the people with the most empathy. There is power in your softness.

13.) Establish healthy boundaries. Do not make excuses for the people who can not respect them.

14.) People, jobs, and circumstances come and go. But the lesson always stays.

15.) Celebrate your friends small victories. They too need to be reminded they aren’t doing too bad in life.

16.) Question your own thought process and morals more than you question others. Addendum; don’t be afraid to question what everyone blindly accepts.

17.) To live a life without self reflection is like expecting a tree to grow without sunlight.

18.) Travel is medicine for the soul.

19.) Don’t strive to be the person who gets the last word. Strive to be the person who respectively gets their message across. That’s the person who will always win.

20.) Forgive yourself for settling for less than you deserve. For your mistakes. For not knowing better at the time. For letting your emotions get the best of you. It is not your fault you did not have the tools beforehand. You will be better the next time around.

21.) Love yourself first. It will be the most beautiful love story you will have in your lifetime.

    I am so very fortunate for all of the people, lessons, and experiences this past year brought me. I am so eager to see where I will be this time next year. So with this, I welcome a new chapter with open arms. 22, I am so ready for you. Cheers 🥂


Faith Edwards

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